Feb 18(Thu) ~ Feb 19(Fri), 2021

COEX, Seoul, Korea



Mass Media Advertising

Mass Media Advertising
  • · TV & Radio Commercials: Commercials are broadcasted on Korea’s major TV and radio channels during golden times
  • · Daily newspapers, Business papers, free paper
  • · Advertisement on sports magazines, including internationally recognized ones such< as 「Muscle & Fitness」,「Health & Exercise」,「Underwater World」, and「Un dersea Travel 」,「Sport Business」,「KSPO magazine」

Professional PR through Advertising agency

Professional PR through Advertising agency
  • · Advertisements on SPOEX are released on newspapers, magazines and televisions
  • · Intensive exposure through online PR articles
  • · Planning and Writing articles on exhibitors' new products.
  • · Sponsored by Popular Radio Program
  • · Ticket promotion through weekly and monthly magazines

Outdoor Advertising Installation

Outdoor Advertising Installation
  • · Installation of signboards on bridges and overpasses in Downtown Seoul.
  • · Installation of street banners around Yeongdong street near COEX
  • · SPOEX billboards put up inside the COEX Mall.

Brochure Production & Distribution
to the target buyers

Brochure Production & Distribution to the target buyers
  • · Sports & Leisure Business related personnel
  • · Exhibitors and buyers of SPOEX
  • · Related organizations to the KSPO and KITA